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[1] Out with the old — in with the new. The Legal Practice Act, 2014 (‘the Act’)’ introduced an entirely new regime for the legal profession in South Africa. In addition, the Act introduced significant changes for persons who wish to apply be admitted and authorized to be enrolled  by the court’ to act as legal practitioners. The Act come into operation in stages on 1 February 2015, 31 October 2018 and 1 November 2018.6 The entire Act is now in operation.

[2] This judgment concerns Chapters 2, 37, 98 and 102 of the Act. It visits the powers and functions of: the South African Legal Practice Council (“the LPG”). the Provincial Councils (the °PC” or the PC’s’) and the Minister. It sets out the changes brought about by the Act and explains the requirements for the admission of legal practitioners by this court in terms of the Act. At the end of it all, this judgment seeks to provide a guideline for applications to court for the admission of legal practitioners under the provisions of the Act and those who assist them.

[3] Ms. Marlette Steyn” and four other applicants,” launched applications (‘the initial applications’) to be admitted and authorized to be enrolled as legal practitioners in terms of the provisions of the Act. They applied to be admitted as attorneys.’

[4] On 9 September 2019. this court heard the initial applications”. The court made similar orders in all the initial applications as follows (‘the first order)….

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