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The National Library is a resource of the Legal Practice Council that exist to assist all Legal Practitioners and Candidate Legal Practitioners, with the legal information that they require in their day-to-day provision of legal services.

The Library exists to ensure that all Practitioners have access to the latest information available within their area of expertise, irrespective of affordability, as the service is available at no additional charge to them.

The service is provided, mainly, through online subscriptions with Sabinet, Juta, LexisNexis. These online subscriptions are paid for annually and the cost is based on the number of user licenses available.

Access to library services

The library is strictly for the use of both practising and non-practising legal practitioners together with pupils and candidate attorneys. Legal practitioners can reach the library via helpdesk, wherein they post their requests and librarians conducts information search and send results to the requester. The team of highly skilled and experienced librarians is able to assist legal practitioners with enquiries on points of law by sourcing commentaries, cases, precedents, updated legislations, journal articles, parliamentary committee discussions and progress on bills and new legislations and amendments thereto.

Legal information search engines/ Databases

Library subscribes to various online/ electronic resources which are Juta Law, My LexisNexis and Sabinet. Library also have links to Parliamentary Monitoring Group, Saflii and OSALL (Organisation of South African Law Librarians) which assist to supplement library available collection.

The above- mentioned databases give full access to up-to-date legislations, case laws, commentaries, online journals, journal articles, forms and precedents, references such as lawsa and more, up to date & retrospective government gazettes both national and provincial.

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