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COVID-19 regulations pertaining to upcoming exams

In order to be safe and adhere to the national COVID-19 regulations while writing 2020 examinations from 4 – 18 November 2020, the Legal Practice Council (LPC) would like to inform all candidates of the following:

• All exam venues will strictly adhere to COVID-19 regulations
• NO-ONE will be allowed to enter the venue without a face mask, which must be worn at all times whilst at the exam venue
• Please remember to bring your own face mask, as face masks will NOT be provided
• Your temperature will be taken before you will be allowed to enter the venue
• Should your temperature be above the accepted norm, you will not be able to enter the venue and will be requested to write exams in 2021
• Your hands will need to be sanitised upon entering the venue
• Registers will be completed by all people entering the room
• To ensure that we start on time, please be at the venue an hour before the start of the exam to allow time for temperatures to be taken and registers to be completed
• Candidates are requested to fill in and sign the attached questionnaire as well as the indemnity form to be handed in on the day of the exam together with the registration form
• All invigilators and LPC staff to also have their temperature taken and complete the questionnaire and indemnity form
• Candidates who will sit for all four admission exams will be subjected to the same procedure for each sitting
• Should a candidate refuse to adhere to the measurements put in place, that person will not be allowed to enter the venue and will forfeit their exam and can only write again next year.

The Council requests all candidates to comply with the above to ensure the safety of all candidates as well as the examiners and invigilators.

Issued by the Legal Practice Council

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