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The Legal Practice Council concerned by Road Accident Fund’s decision to terminate its panel of providers for legal services

The Legal Practice Council (LPC), has noted with concern the developments with regard to the Road Accident Fund (the RAF) and its current panel of attorneys. The LPC notes the RAFs intention with effect from 01 June 2020 to abolish its current panel of attorneys which is representing it in all the courts nationally.

The LPC is not only the regulatory authority over all legal practitioners in the country, it is also obliged to promote and protect the public interest, uphold and advance the rule of law, the administration of justice, and the Constitution of the country. :

Whilst the RAF is entitled to be an unrepresented litigant, the adverse consequences of this for pending pre-trial and trial matters cannot be overstated. The impact will be experienced most by those claimants with legitimate claims and good prospects of success. The likelihood of legal practitioners breaching the Code of Conduct and Court Directives will increase. The administration of justice will be impacted negatively.

The LPC intends to engage directly with the RAF on its decision in order to understand its reasons and the intended new business model and its impact and to highlight to it the direct and indirect consequences for the implementation of this decision.

Issued by the Legal Practice Council

Mr. Sthembiso Mnisi
Manager Communications: Legal Practice Council
084 5275 312
[email protected]

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