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The Legal Practice Council condemns unwarranted attacks on the judiciary

The Legal Practice Council (LPC) is alarmed by the unwarranted criticism targeting the judiciary, particularly following the recent Constitutional Court judgement.

The Council views the attacks as unfortunate, especially because the South African judicial system has existing legal mechanisms that can be used should anyone be dissatisfied with a court’s decisions at any level.

“We are all bound by the Constitution, and it is important that we must all engage with the judiciary in a civil manner and afford it the respect and autonomy it deserves. As the regulatory body of the legal profession in South Africa, we appeal to everyone to exercise caution when criticising the judiciary without any substantive evidence” said Ms. Kathleen Matolo -Dlepu, Chairperson of the Legal Practice Council

The LPC urges members of the public and the profession to note that although social media affords all of us a platform for freedom of expression, that does not mean we can infringe on other people’s rights and freedoms. The Council fully supports the work of the judiciary.

The Council is willing to engaging openly with all stakeholders on all matters pertaining to the South African legal profession.

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