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LPC law library

The Legal Practice Council (LPC) wishes to inform all legal practitioners about the Council’s law library which exists to assist all legal practitioners and candidate legal practitioners with the information that they may require in their day-to-day provision of legal services such as case law, legislation, commentaries, forms & precedents, gazette notices, journal articles, etc.

The services are provided by our professional, cyber-competent librarians and we try to always reach out to our legal practitioners and others when possible, to provide useful information electronically whilst respecting copyright and fair use agreements.

The library has an online help desk service available to currently practising and non-practising legal practitioners. Our librarians will also guide you in finding materials for your research, both in hard copy and online.

Membership of the LPC Library

Full membership, including the right to access all physical and electronic resources as well as to borrow library materials subject to our rules, is available at no cost for all practising legal practitioners enrolled with the LPC and to all currently registered candidate legal practitioners (candidate attorneys and pupils), including those doing community service at Law Clinics and Justice Centres.

Use of the library for information, including full access to our free helpdesk service, but not including the right to borrow library materials, is available for any non-practising legal practitioner on the roll of the Council.

Our automated help desk system [email protected] records and manages requests as well as responses, thus allowing all our librarians to deal efficiently with electronic requests as quickly as possible.

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