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CaseLines training

The Legal Practice Council has been advised by Tirisan Tech Solutions (Tirisan) that it is the exclusive implementation partner and training provider of CaseLines, which is being implemented in the High Courts by the Office of the Chief Justice, and which to date has been implemented in the Pretoria and Johannesburg High Courts.

Tirisan advises that there are frequent updates on the software, that any updates may change the way in which legal practitioners need to interact with the system, and that it is only Tirisan, as the legally authorised partner, who will have such updates done within the training content to match the latest system processes.

Anyone conducting such training outside Tirisan would therefore potentially train on outdated functionalities, and practitioners who are trained on outdated functionalities run the risk of not being able to work proficiently on the CaseLines system.
Whilst it is not the function of the Council to endorse what Tirisan states, the Council considers it necessary to advise legal practitioners of the possible risks if they are trained on software that has not been updated.